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Why wear a lightweight maoli slipper?

Why wear a lightweight slipper?

The most obvious answer is to help eliminate the onset of fatigue. Lugging around heavier boots will wear your feet and legs out faster and steal your energy, preventing you from doing your job well at the end of the day, and possibly lead to loss of focus and injury. This is especially true when working on concrete or any unforgiving surface and at heights or on a ladder. If you have existing lower back pain, leg or foot ailments, a heavyweight boot will add pressure and strain on these areas. Coupled with a cushioned insole a lightweight boot can help manage these conditions while working.

So what makes a slipper heavy? 

There are many elements that can go into the construction of a slipper – protective toe, shank, metatarsal guard, outsole, upper material, lacing hardware, linings, insoles, etc. While all of these can be various materials from metal to plastic and thus play a part in the weight, the majority of the weight will come from the outsole material.

The slipper is extremely simple and easy to wear. It can make people's feet more comfortable and relieve stress